Tips + Tricks For a Stress Free Session

Below are few tips that I recommend to all of my boudoir clients. At the end of the day, these are YOUR pictures, and you can go about things however is most natural to you and will you make you feel the most sexy, confident, and empowered. That being said, I've found these tips to be greatly beneficial in providing an experience for you that is just that. If you have any questions about anything listed below, don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Wear a button-up shirt so that you can easily change clothes without messing up your hair or makeup.

  • Avoid wearing any undergarments at least 30 minutes prior to prevent lines showing during the session.

  • There will typically be time for 3-5 outfits during our 90 min session. Bring whatever makes you feel the most confident and sexy; don't be afraid to think outside the box! You can wear a white t-shirt, a satin robe, a cozy sweater with tall socks...don't limit yourself to lingerie if that's not your thing. Also don't worry what I'll think about your choice of attire! You can wear a full body sweatsuit or a total 50 Shades of Grey getup. These are YOUR pictures, so wear whatever you like best!

  • Make sure your nails are either painted or trimmed + well manicured.

  • Be sure to shave any area of your body that will be exposed and that usually has unwanted hair. There's no classy way to say this, so here it is: don't forget to shave your butt crack!

  • Be sure that you take care of any tan lines that might show in your outfits. Spray tans are not recommended. Unless you work with someone highly experienced (and usually expensive), they tend to look too orange and splotchy in photographs. Your natural skin tone will always photograph the most beautifully.

  • If you get your hair highlighted or colored, have your roots touched up before your session.

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Next, I have a few questions to ask you so that I can provide you with the best experience possible. The more clearly we communicate up front, the better prepared I'll be to serve you, and the more comfortable you'll feel when your session arrives.

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